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Singer/Songwriter from Jacksonville, FL


Stories from writing and recording songs, and playing shows around places I've never been.

Better Before Bigger

Jacob Hudson

      Hello everyone, I appreciate all the recent donations to my future album. I assure you, they are going to good use. I have some more very exciting news about what will be happening with my music.

     Recently, I heard a message at church that truly struck me with a new goal for my music career. For the past few months, I was focusing on growing my fan base and spreading my music to anyone that would lend an ear, but this message advised strongly against my, as well as others, misconception. With larger platforms to perform, comes the vivid expression of my character; and currently, I do not have the character nor the talent to sustain anymore of a following than I currently posses. I've come to realize how fortunate I am to have the particular people whom are interested in my music, and are honest and patient enough to grow who I am as not only an artist, but a person. I need to strengthen who I am, musically and spiritually, before I expand my audience.

      That being said, I am continuing with my hold on production of the next album (besides tracking demos) to continue working on the new songs I've written as well as perfecting my performances. In the mean time, I will be uploading my Christmas cover of I'll Be Home For Christmas to Noise trade sometime in November, because I must spread some holiday depression. During the months of November and December, I will be recording a single that has been a personal song of mine for quite some time. My hopeful release date for this single is in January, but I will be posting constant updates on the process.

Again, I would like to say thank you for all of your support in my dreams. Bigger before better. 

God Bless.