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The Tomb

Jacob Hudson

I feel a little embarrassed when I look at how much time has passed between my blog posts; After all, I do pay for this website. To specifically explain what happened in the two year gap would be a little too long for any sane person to read, but I'll do my best to condense most of the information into the sweet bits. In January of 2014, I went up to a log cabin in Flag Pond Tennessee with my friend and producer, Christian José-Morison, to record demos for my second album to be titled, "The Tomb". we tracked and mixed a total of 10 songs in seven days time, and those seven days are still vivid with satisfaction and excitement. Many of the songs just fell into place, they were sounding far better than I'd expected them to, especially for just being demos.

Unfortunately, I thought I was going to be smart and use my recently invested studio space to rerecord the demos we did to make them sound "better". From April to June, we did nothing but record a few acoustic and vocal tracks, trying to recreate the sound we'd captured in the cabin. In June I was on tour for a good amount of time, meaning our recording time was practically nothing. In July, we finally started to record acoustics and vocals that we were actually proud of, I had some very talented friends of mine come in and perform their instruments and they did an incredible job. The record was finally coming together.

There was something that still wasn't satisfying me about the tracks we had done. At this point, we had already cut the song number down to 9 tracks, but there were still tracks that felt out of place to me. Although the quality of the recordings was top notch, they didn't leave me with the same emotions the demos had, and some of them I would skip on my phone because I didn't want to hear them. I realized that two of the songs, although thoughtful, did not belong on this record. It was like I had piece to another board game thrown in the box. We decided those two songs are better fit for another project in the future. This was an incredibly tough decision. I'd been playing these songs for the past few months advertising their position on the album, and many people were still expecting them to be on this record, but I just couldn't find a place for them in the album, and once I came to terms with that, I haven't regretted it. 

Another decision we made was to keep parts of the demo songs in the rerecorded versions, because there were certain elements we'd captured up there we couldn't part with. On one track in particular, you can hear the birds chirping behind the silence just after an accidental door slam This sounds like an engineer's nightmare, but it was my dream to have these elements blend in with my songs; and amazingly enough, in a way that intensified the themes of the songs . These demos had done more than consisted of happy accidents, they also truly capture a lot of the emotion of those songs, and I didn't want to leave them behind. Approximately 50% of the album consists of those demos while other things, like drums and electric guitar, were redone with equipment that was needed to complete the sound. 

After this decision, I decided to add another producer to the record. I'd known Eric Dawkins for quite some time and also knew that his knowledge and understanding of music genres, specifically to the genres I consider myself to be categorized in, was incredibly valuable, and that his input would help us get the record out of the ditch it had been sitting in for almost a month. The first night of Eric's involvement reassured me of my decision. Although his suggestions were slight, they made an incredible impact on the way the songs came together. Through November he would continue to help us tie the loose ends of this record together to become a album we were all proud of. 

December 26th was the day we all agreed the record was finished. We had gone back and forth for the past week making little changes that most people probably wouldn't have heard anyway, but we didn't care. As long as it sounds good to us, that was our goal. I sent it to the mastering engineer that night, and after a few tweaks it was finished on January 5th, 2014. A little over a year after our original cabin demos were created, the record itself was finished. As of last night I received the Album artwork and will be releasing the album on Noisetrade on Sunday.


I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to give up on this record. I felt almost ashamed at how long it took me from the time of my first album in 2012, and for some reason my heart thought It would be better if I just slipped away from the music scene. I'm incredibly grateful for the people in my life that have decided to help me and encourage me to bring my music back out of the stagnant puddle it's been sitting in for almost a year. I hope this record will show just how much thought we put into this project, and just how serious we are about continuing to work with it. 

Thank you for reading this monster and I will make sure the next posts aren't this giant.