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The Dirt (Music Video)

Jacob Hudson

I've come to terms with knowing I'm not the person to keep very good track of this blog. Even my personal writings tend to go days, weeks, months, without being touched. Regardless, it's never too late to try and start again.

I recently released this music video for The Dirt somewhat unannounced. I didn't make a lot of social media posts preparing people for it, in fact, I had a lot of friends come up to me after I released it wondering why they didn't know about it. I'm not sure why I didn't push this video before it's release, because if I had it would probably have been seen by more people, but it wasn't created for viewing as much as for the process by which it was made. 

My dear friend Sean Burns is an incredible videographer and producer. He works with me at a production studio here in Jacksonville. For a few months Sean, myself, and a few other friends whom help me with my production had been trying to come up with a video concept for this song. We had all these big plans in place like renting large camera equipment and getting actors and assistants together to make a very professional video, but I wasn't comfortable with it. I tried to blame my unease on the scale of the project. I thought it might have been out of my skill set, or maybe the song isn't powerful enough to merit a video. Ultimately I came to the realization that the video would be perfect if I had made it in the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately with The Tomb, I let circumstances in my life take priority over my music. I stopped playing shows, stopped sharing my music, and even stopped practicing. I released The Tomb and placed it on the shelf, and with every month that passed, it became more distant from myself. By the time we were trying to create this highly produced music video, it was no longer a song that needed such a video. Instead, we simply borrowed a (very) nice camera and filmed some shots that reflected my feelings towards the song, the album, and what it's done to me. It's still one of my favorite songs from the record, and it still is emotionally reactive for me which is why I believe it doesn't need anything more than this video. 

There wasn't much thought put into the video, but we kind of wanted it that way. What came of it was what we both naturally did. Sean filmed in the style that was comfortable for him and I reacted in the way I would normally (without a camera in my face).  

more so, it was nice to see this song given some new life in the new year. This album deserved more content to be shared and I'm going to do my best to fulfill that.