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If This Is What You want (Remix)

Jacob Hudson

This track has an interesting History. The remix is actually the original composition for If This Is What You Want. It started when I was trying to blend more synthetic elements into my work. I really wanted The Tomb to have as much if not more electronic elements as Sailors at Sea. The drums and piano have an even more distant past. I came up with that drum beat on a very terrible music software when I was 13. I never did anything with it, as to be expected with most 13 year olds, but I always appreciated the uniqueness of the beat. A few years later I painstakingly split the beat into individual sounds again so they could be used in a new song. The lyrical creation was quite different than most other songs I've written. Mostly because my songs come from the acoustic guitar, which means I never write from a point of completion. Considering this song had been finished in its entirety, I had more restrictions on what I could fit a lyric into. I know I could have changed anything I wanted to (It's my freaking song) but I liked the challenge.


I decided to make the song acoustic because by the time I recorded the record, every song was organic and It didn't feel right having just one song be different. I honestly regret it sometimes. It didn't feel right recording it, and I only kept it to complete the record and its theme, but I was always partial to the original recording. Most everyone that helped me record would agree with this. There was something special about the way the song moved in its original state. 

Once The Tomb reached its one year anniversary, I kind of had a panic attack. I realized my new record wouldn't release until the fall and I would have a serious lapse in new material for people to hear. I was trying to find ways to bump my timeline up but that would be incredible difficult, especially with the new studio trying to take off. 

One night, myself and my friend Sean Burns were hanging out discussing my songs and other videos I've released when I showed him the electronic version of If This Is What You Want. Immediately he was drawn to it. I knew it had made a connection with him, and the other guys in the room had the same reaction. I basically had a little poll of the songs impact opened up to me, and the results seemed to express that the song communicated something. After seeing their reactions to the song, it made me feel as if I should finish it. Sean and the rest of the guys even brought it up.  As we mixed it over the next few weeks, it solidified my feelings on sharing the song with people.

Originally, I planned to release it as a single (And still do) but I wanted to attach something more to the song, I honestly feel like people are more inclined to research visual art the audible. My friend Kyle showed me and Sean some footage he'd captured at the local fair a few weeks back and It was incredibly beautiful. I mentioned that it would be great to use as music video content for my new song. Sean felt the same way and came up with a great vision for it. 

This video only exists because Sean and Kyle have incredible great eyes for beautiful shots and composition. Even as I watch the video now, I'm kind of blown away by how fitting the footage feels for the meaning of this song. I don't know if it makes me feel settled or not, but I'm glad it makes me feel something. 

I've been incredibly shocked by the amount of people who have been sharing it with others. I can't say thank you enough for all the great compliments and shares. I don't feel like I can really say how much it means to me without feeling insincere. I'll have the single out for you guys on Spotify and iTunes soon enough for you guys. 

God Bless