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Jacksonville, FL, 32073


Singer/Songwriter from Jacksonville, FL


Taking nods from artists like William Fitzsimmons, Sufjan Stevens, and The Paper Kites, Jacob Hudson's sound features ornate acoustic and electric guitar harmonies, elaborate vocal arrangements, and introspective lyrics. Based in Jacksonville, Jacob Has opened for a number of touring artist that have performed in the city, such as Phil Keaggy, Matthew Mayfield, and Joshua Davis. His latest release, It All Repeats, features cinematic energy as well as delicate ambience. Its understated nature will draw you in immediately while its lyrical prowess and energetic moments will make it a classic.





it all repeats:

Personal, aggressive lyricism melodized amidst introspective moments and emotional responses marks singer-songwriter-musician Jacob Hudson’s second studio EP, It All Repeats. Thoughtful and honest, the album’s easeful vocals offer a narrative centered on the futility of human activity. As it relates to romantic relationships, this theme is found most notably in the title track and “Scenery Is All That Changes.” Rhythmic and ambient, It All Repeats’ well-balanced delicate and grand composition allows listeners the space to simply enjoy and/or deeply contemplate. 


It All Repeats follows Hudson’s first studio EP, The Tomb, released in 2015. Hudson, 21, hails from Jacksonville, Florida, where he writes the happiest sad songs you’ll ever hear.


Press Review

Jacob Hudson  is a talented singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida who just released his latest EP, It All Repeats. His last release, The Tomb, was mostly acoustic based and chronicled the ups and downs of relationships. It All Repeats is his newest effort, and it’s a stellar collection of songs about the emotions and feelings felt after a break up. The way Hudson tackles these issues is akin to a well-seasoned artist, focusing on the confusion and frustration of heartbreak without going too melodramatic. Hudson, however, is now just old enough to legally drink alcohol, which is evidence of his great maturity in both songwriting and composition.

The first track off the new EP is “The Welcome Mat”, which discusses a lost relationship and how sometimes tragedies and negative feelings in life can affect your authenticity with others. Lyrics state: “It’s hard to know your anger separates you from the ones you love”. This track is also beautifully composed and aside from just acoustic guitar, we hear some breathtaking expanses in sound which begs the listener to hear more. -Wendy Redden (The Review)


Local indie artist Jacob Hudson put out this new EP at the end of February. It All Repeats features Hudson’s elaborate guitar melodies, complex vocal arrangements and thought-provoking lyrics. The album focuses on taking an introspective view at the “tragic awareness of reality followed by timely moments of grand reflection.” The central theme revolves around the connections all humans face in the aftermath of tragic events, doing a splendid job of evoking powerful feelings. (Void Magazine)








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