Jacob Hudson

it all repeats: out now on Spotify

Singer/Songwriter from Jacksonville, FL

if i were to blame

I should be thanking you

for the thoughts you put in my head

from the time you pushed me away

'cause you didn't feel the same


because of this pain

I wrote new songs about our ways and

how they were wrong but I still feel the same


If I were to blame I'd try to fix this mess I've made

If i were to blame

I'd try to fix you so you'd stay


and all of my friends

don't understand why I can't pull you 

out of my mind but they don't see the shame


when you said goodbye

i put these words though cold in my home

where they stayed until it was time to leave this pain

I know i said I'd wait


but I can't take this

I can't take this

I miss the times

Nostalgic thoughts covered my heart

I thought they'd stay far past summer's break

I was so wrong


We were staying up late and begging me to stay around

from the time that we spent buried in each others eyes

far past the lies

yeah I miss the times

I miss the times when I missed those things


I thought our lives would be intertwined

but now that I've seen they could never be

I will move on


I'm saying goodbye to our love

and I don't want to see it again

Don't recall

an ocean seemed to separate the love that grew between

a boy and a girl from two different worlds that don't belong


he had her love and she had his but both would never know

the pain inside would be the demise of their home


they outgrew the fortune from the two and so they left

unspoken minds to venture and find congruous souls


and the don't recall how the both felt

and they're happy


The dirt

I know you cannot like me because all that our eyes see is a wall

built up by the social to split up all the people into groups

one cannot love another from the other


they're something about class and how it holds us back

from giving love the chance to cross the sea of society


if we are both made from the dirt of the earth we came from then it's changed

if I was a better person maybe it would be different but I'm not

I need someone to show me how to be free


but you don't need me to live your life completely

you will never need to cross the sea of society


the transition

she is at the door but I am afraid

to let her in my home and see it's out of shape

should I try to hide the aging of these bones

the ones I've kept inside the closet in my home


I'm scared to let it go

'cause for the longest time the pain is all I know

I pray that through transition I will break them from my bones

I will find a place for home


She has peeled away layers of my heart

the ones that have decayed keeping me apart

I hope she becomes more than just a friend

if loving her will cause my heart to slowly mend

then I will let her in

The tomb

It's been so long since you have seen

the reflection of dependence

since you have sworn to stay away 

living in fear you'd see your face


though confidence has brought you far

it is a mask to conceal the truth

you crave the storms and sympathy that ensues around your noose


let this be the tomb that you choose to lay your burdens

you've held so tight

and break from the mold you try to force upon your life

in hope you'd be alright


you tried to find a sinners life hidden inside you

it would bind you

to breathe contrived from all the weight of the world upon your eyes


if this is what you want

I'm lookin for attention

its all I crave

to be someones addiction 

to the end of their days


I've made myself a victim 

of my crimes

they've soaked into my bones

I wanna be the righteous 

who can condemn 

but never bear my soul


if this is what you want

I am not what you need